Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp 369–383

Identity in Crisis: Spirituality and Homosexuality in Adolescence


DOI: 10.1007/s10560-007-0089-6

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Cates, J.A. Child Adolesc Soc Work J (2007) 24: 369. doi:10.1007/s10560-007-0089-6


Adolescents experiencing same-sex attraction are increasingly comfortable identifying themselves as gay/lesbian/bisexual. For at least a minority of these youth, that identification conflicts with their spiritual values, and they or their families seek conversion therapy. The efficacy of conversion and ethics of conversion therapy for same-sex orientation stirs significant debate. The complexities of an approach to same-sex issues with adults multiply when the client is an adolescent. This article uses three adolescent case studies to examine issues of identity, ethics, confidentiality, social expectations, and therapist role.


Adolescent sexual identity Spirituality Homosexuality 

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