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Studies of the Effect of Leaks of the Working Chamber on the Working Process of Long-Stroke Ultra-Low-Speed Piston Compressor and Pump Units

  • S. S. BusarovEmail author
  • I. S. Busarov
  • D. S. Titov

This article presents the results of studies of the influence of leaks in the working chamber of long-stroke ultra-low-speed units on its working process. The leakages of the working chamber are determined by the value of the conditional clearance in the valves and the cylinder-piston seal. The paper confirms the significant influence of the values of conditional clearances on the integral characteristics of ultra-low-speed long-stroke stages of piston compressor units and estimates the share of the influence of leaks through valves and piston seals on the total volume of leaks.


long-stroke reciprocating compressor work processes self-acting valve, conditional clearance, cylinder-piston seals 


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  1. 1.Omsk State Technical UniversityOmskRussia

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