Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

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Use of an Integrated Computer-Based Information System at Chemical and Oil-and-Gas Machine Production Enterprises

  • K. S. Kul’gaEmail author
Computerizing Calculations and Designing

It is proposed that calculations of itemized and summary preliminary planned production costs of articles and the subsequent use of the results in the course of technical training and production should be performed with the use of the software of the Stalker PLM v. 7 integrated computer-based information system and the electronic structure of the article. Implementation of the functions of the integrated computer-based information system related to business processes involved in design and planning of production for the purpose of performing preliminary calculations of articles at itemized and summary levels is demonstrated. Quantitative and qualitative indicators from the introduction of Stalker PLM v. 7 at chemical and oil-and-gas machine production enterprises are obtained from the results of practical approval.


integrated enterprise computer-based information enterprise system tender order rates of consumption of materials time standards cutting of assorted rods and sheets planned prime cost factual-plan analysis 


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