Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

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Development of a metal magnetic memory method

  • A. A. Dubov
Safety, Diagnosis, and Repair

A new nondestructive monitoring method is considered, i.e., a metal magnetic memory method, based on measuring the self-magnetization leakage field (SMLF) at the surface of test equipment. The method makes it possible to obtain the stressed state without considering structural changes. The magnetic memory effect is applied to the working areas of applied maximum loads during testing. The metal magnetic memory method does not have disadvantages compared with other monitoring methods, and makes it possible to recognize elastic deformation, the determine the plane of metal layer sliding, and also the area of fatigue crack development. Considering labor expenditure, it is possible to say that the metal magnetic memory method belongs to rapid methods. The main aim of the method is determination of the most critical areas and equipment having stress concentration.


Fatigue Crack Stress Concentration Zone Technical Diagnosis Metal Magnetic Memory Nondestructive Monitoring 
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  • A. A. Dubov
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