Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

, Volume 42, Issue 11–12, pp 611–617

Selection of structural parameters of a cylindrical-conical hydrocyclone for separation of suspensions by dual-stage flotation

  • V. O. Yablonskii
Research, Design, Calculations, and Operating Experience Chemical and Petroleum-Gas Equipment


A mathematical model for separation of suspensions with a non-Newtonian disperse medium by dual-stage pressurized flotation in a cylindrical-conical hydrocyclone is developed. A system of differential equations of the convective diffusion and movement of a complex of particles-bubbles is solved by a numerical method. The concentration field is modeled, and integral separation indicators are determined. Values of structural parameters of the hydrocyclone for which the separation indicators depend heavily on the taper angle of the conical section of the housing and the rheological properties of the disperse medium are established.

It is demonstrated that dual-stage pressurized flotation makes it possible to reduce considerably the residual concentration of solid-phase particles as compared with single-stage flotation.


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  • V. O. Yablonskii
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  1. 1.Volgograd State Technical UniversityRussia

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