Journal of Business Ethics

, Volume 115, Issue 2, pp 427–427

Erratum to: A Fiduciary Model of Political Ethics and Protocol for Dealing with Constituent Requests


Erratum to: J Bus Ethics (2002) 38:277–290 DOI 10.1023/A:1015824825183


The Editor-in-Chief and Springer wish to inform readers of this journal that the article written by John Alan Cohan, “A fiduciary model of political ethics and protocol for dealing with constituent requests”, Journal of Business Ethics, volume 38(3), July 2002, pp. 277–290 includes some sentences without acknowledgment that previously appeared in an article written by Kathleen Clark, “Do we have enough ethics in government yet?: an answer from fiduciary theory”, University of Illinois Law Review, 1996, volume 57, pp. 57–102. The Journal strives to maintain the highest standards of academic rigour and we urge authors to be vigilant in providing full acknowledgement for any previously published work.

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