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, Volume 103, Issue 2, pp 275–287 | Cite as

Green and Good? The Investment Performance of US Environmental Mutual Funds

  • Francisco Climent
  • Pilar SorianoEmail author


Increased concern for the environment has increased the number of investment opportunities in mutual funds specialized in promoting responsible environmental attitudes. This article examines the performance and risk sensitivities of US green mutual funds vis-à-vis their conventional peers. We also analyze and compare this performance relative to other socially responsible investing (SRI) mutual funds. In order to implement this analysis, we apply a CAPM-based methodology and find that in the 1987–2009 period, environ- mental funds had lower performance than conventional funds with similar characteristics. However, if we focus on a more recent period (2001–2009), green funds achieved adjusted returns not significantly different from the rest of SRI and conventional mutual funds.

Key words

socially responsible investments mutual funds performance evaluation ethical investing corporate social responsibility 

Jel Classification

F30 G11 G15 G23 M14 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Universitat De ValènciaValènciaSpain

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