It is indeed an honor and privilege to assume the role of Editor-in-Chief for Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (BCRT). The baton being passed by Marc Lippman to me is truly humbling as he so ably guided the journal for nearly three decades. I am now just starting to appreciate the scope of work that he guided through all those years. Having someone as prominent as Marc on the masthead attracted submissions from around the world for consideration and contributed to the esteemed reputation of the journal. Marc also recruited able and distinguished Associate Editors along with a large editorial board representing all the disciplines involved in breast cancer research and care.

Many of those individuals are taking their leave from the day-to-day activities of the journal, though we may call on them from time-to-time! They are deserving of our gratitude and equally deserving of some rest from the rigors of the unrelenting submissions for consideration. I have assembled a group of Associate Editors representative of different areas of interest as well as residing in different parts of the world: Tari King MD—Boston; Mark Burkhard MD—Madison; Meena Moran MD—New Haven; Soon Paik MD—Korea; Toi Masakazu MD—Japan. I am grateful to them for accepting their roles in the journal. Additionally, some new names have been added to the editorial board, also reflecting the global reach of the disease and the research being done around the world, both in the laboratory and the clinic.

There is little rationale to change things that have worked so well for so many years. We will continue to attract important research to BCRT. The journal will continue to be a home for excellent preclinical, translational, clinical and epidemiologic research related to breast cancer. Well-written reviews on timely topics are welcome for consideration. As is true with other journals, our goal will be to offer expeditious review of submissions with respectful and insightful feedback to the authors. The massive number of submissions necessarily means that not everything will be accepted for publication and our collective goal will be to continue Breast Cancer Research and Treatment as a journal of excellence. Springer has committed numerous resources to keep the legacy of this journal intact. I am grateful to those who came before me and to those who will join me on the journey going forward.

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