HER2+ and triple-negative phenotypes in invasive lobular carcinoma might have different specific biological features

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Dear Editor,

I want to congratulate Flores-Díaz et al. [1] in which they compared the differences in disease-free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) between invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) and invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) in Hispanic population with breast cancer (BC). They found that the ILC pathologic subtype negatively influenced DFS as an independent factor, but did not correlate with better OS compared with IDC. In the ILC pathologic subtype, 18% of all tumors had triple-negative (TN) or HER2+ phenotype. Interestingly, OS in TN and HER2+ patients in ILC subtype were significantly worse compared to TN and HER2+ patients in IDC subtype (54.2% vs. 77.5% in TN phenotype, 74.4% vs. 90.6% in HER2+ phenotype). However, OS in hormone-sensitive patients in both subtypes were almost the same (89.4% in ILC subtype, 91.3% in IDC subtype). These results might show that HER2+ and TN phenotypes in ILC subgroup might have different specific biological features which led to worse OS compared to OS in HER2+ and TN phenotypes in IDC subtypes. This issue merits further investigation.


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    Flores-Díaz D, Arce C, Flores-Luna L et al (2019) Impact of invasive lobular carcinoma on longterm outcomes in Mexican breast cancer patients. Breast Cancer Res Treat. PubMedGoogle Scholar

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