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Comment on the review by Joshi and Buehring

  • James F. HollandEmail author
  • Beatriz G.-T. Pogo
Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

We read with interest and dismay the review by Joshi and Buehring (published on line) January 25, 2012 [1]. These reviewers chose 4 of 25 publications that “convincingly” failed to confirm the presence of MMTV-LS viral sequences in patients with breast cancer. These four small studies [2–5] used primers and/or reaction conditions different from our reports. In contrast, 21 of 25 studies reported positive assays in at least 500 breast cancer patients from our studies in New York [6] and in patients from the Australian group [7] Tunisia [8], Mexico [9], Russia [10], China [11], Italy [12] and elsewhere in the United States [13]. The reviewers also omitted one of our crucial articles: we have reported RNA sequences homologous to the MMTV-LS proviral DNA isolated from viral particles produced in cell culture [14]. We previously had shown that normal tissue from the same breast, positive for MMTV-LS, was negative [15]. We have shown fluorescent in situ hybridization of...


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