Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

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Update on HER-2 directed therapy.

Slamon D.

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Treatment guidelines for systemic adjuvant therapy of breast cancer: strengths and weaknesses

Piccart-Gebhart MJ. Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium

The rapidly expanding knowledge base generated by an increasingly more efficient clinical trials process reinforces the need for periodic “clinical practice guidelines”, which are an important tool to facilitate evidence-based research. These guidelines are prepared by experts whose delicate task is to digest the evidence provided by the clinical trials – which may indicate a weak or a strong average treatment effect for a patient population – and to translate this evidence into implications for individual patient care.

Guidelines are thought to enhance the quality of care by reducing under-treatment, over-treatment and wrong treatment. At least one study has shown an adverse impact on overall mortality if treatment guidelines are not followed (Hebert-Croteau N et...

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