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Extracorporeal high intensity focused ultrasound treatment for patients with breast cancer

  • Feng Wu
  • Zhi-Biao Wang
  • Hui Zhu
  • Wen-Zhi Chen
  • Jian-Zhong Zou
  • Jin Bai
  • Ke-Quan Li
  • Cheng-Bing Jin
  • Fang-Lin Xie
  • Hai-Bing Su


Purpose. To investigate the safety, efficacy and feasibility of using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) as a non-invasive treatment for patients with breast cancer.

Patients and Methods. Twenty-two patients with breast cancer were enrolled into this non-randomized prospective trial. Disease TNM stage was classified as stage I in 4 patients, stage IIA in 9 patients, stage IIB in 8 patients, and stage IV in 1 patient. Tumor size ranged from 2 to 4.8 cm in diameter (mean 3.4 cm). All patients received chemotherapy, radiation and tamoxifen, following HIFU for the primary lesions. Outcome measures included radiological and pathologic assessment of the treated tumor, cosmesis, and local recurrence. A cumulative survival rate is calculated by using the Kaplan–Meier method.

Results. No severe complications were encountered after HIFU. Post-operative imaging demonstrated positive response and regression of all treated lesions. Follow-up biopsy revealed coagulation necrosis of target tumor and subsequent replacement by fibroblastic tissue. After a median follow-up of 54.8 months, 1 patient died, 1 was lost to follow-up, and 20 were still alive. Two of 22 patients developed local recurrence. Five-year disease-free survival and recurrence-free survival were 95% and 89%, respectively. Cosmetic result was judged as good to excellent in 94% of patients.

Conclusions. HIFU treatment is safe, effective, and feasible for patients with breast cancer. But, large-scale, multiple-center clinical trials will be needed to determine the future role of this novel modality.


breast focused ultrasound surgery high intensity focused ultrasound neoplasms pathology survive thermal ablation ultrasound therapy 


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  • Zhi-Biao Wang
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  • Hui Zhu
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  • Wen-Zhi Chen
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  • Jian-Zhong Zou
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  • Jin Bai
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  • Ke-Quan Li
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  • Cheng-Bing Jin
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  • Fang-Lin Xie
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  1. 1.Institute of Ultrasonic Engineering in Medicine, and Clinical Center for Tumor Therapy of 2nd Hospital, Institute of Ultrasonic Engineering in MedicineChongqing University of Medical SciencesChongqingChina

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