Biochemistry (Moscow)

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Can a biologist fix a radio? — or, what I learned while studying apoptosis

  • Y. Lazebnik


This article by Yu. Lazebnik, “Can a Biologist Fix a Radio? — or, What I Learned while Studying Apoptosis” has already been published in English (Cancer Cell, 2002, 2, 179–182) and in Russian (Uspekhi Gerontologii, 2003, No. 12, 166–171). Nevertheless, we have undertaken its secondary publication in our journal for two reasons: first, our journal has different readers, and, second, the great significance of this manifest of Yuri Lazebnik. The author in bright and clever form shows the emerging necessity to create formalized language designed to describe complicated systems of regulation of biochemical processes in living cells. The article is published with permission of Cancer Cell and Uspekhi Gerontologii.

Editor-in-Chief of Biokhimiya/Biochemistry (Moscow) V.P.Skulachev


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Y. Lazebnik
    • 1
  1. 1.Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCold Spring Harbor, New YorkUSA

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