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Response to commentaries on “The Transmission Sense of Information”

  • Carl T. Bergstrom
  • Martin Rosvall
Discussion Note

First of all, we wish to thank the respondents for their comments, both formal and informal, on our treatment of the transmission sense of information (Bergstrom and Rosvall 2010; Godfrey-Smith 2010; Maclaurin 2010; Shea 2010). Through this type of dialogue, both as we wrote the original paper and during the present process of commentary, we have been able to substantially improve and refine our approach to the problems of information in biology. For this we are very grateful.

Second, we want to stress that when we talk about information in biology, our use of the term “information” is not intended to be metaphorical. We mean it literally. We are not saying that it is as if genes carry information; we are saying that genes do carry information, and that their role as information carriers is clear from their structure and function.

Non-semantic information?

Each of the commentators recognizes the transmission sense of information as a legitimate non-semantic account of biological...


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  2. 2.Santa Fe InstituteSanta FeUSA
  3. 3.Integrated Science Lab, Department of PhysicsUmeå UniversityUmeåSweden

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