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, Volume 59, Issue 2, pp 253–265 | Cite as

Genome-wide identification and characterization of the DREB transcription factor gene family in mulberry

  • X. Q. Liu
  • J. J. Zhu
  • C. J. Wei
  • Q. Guo
  • C. K. Bian
  • Z. H. Xiang
  • A. C. ZhaoEmail author
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The dehydration responsive element binding (DREB) transcription factor (TF) family comprises unique and important proteins involved in abiotic stress responses and tolerance in plants. Although DREB TFs have been well identified and characterized in a few model plants, there is no detailed information available for mulberry. In this study, 110 AP2/ERF family genes were identified based on a genome-wide analysis of the Morus genome database. Among them, 30 Morus notabilis DREB family genes (MnDREBs) were identified. A comparative analysis with DREB gene families from other plants suggests that MnDREBs could be divided into six subgroups (A-1 to A-6) and could have similar functions in response to abiotic stresses since they have similar conserved domains/motifs within each subgroup. The expression patterns of MnDREBs were analyzed using transcriptome data of different organs from M. notabilis and the quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. The expression of most MnDREBs was detected in different organs and induced by various abiotic stresses, which suggest their vital roles in abiotic stress tolerance.

Additional key words

abiotic stress cold expression profile heat Morus notabilis salinity water stress 



element involved in the abscisic acid responsiveness




element for the anaerobic induction


CRT/DRE-binding factor 1


corresponding coding sequence


dehydration-responsive element


database of rice transcription factors


dehydration responsive element binding


ethylene-responsive element


ethylene responsive element binding factors


gibberellin-responsive element




genome-wide duplications


element involved in heat stress responsiveness


element involved in low-temperature responsiveness


MYB binding site


binding site involved in flavonoid biosynthetic genes regulation


National Center for Biotechnology Information




nuclear localization sequence


open reading frame


isoelectric point

plant TFDB

plant transcription factor database


related to ABI3/VP1


ribosomal protein L15


real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction


simple modular architecture research tool


Arabidopsis information resource


transcription factor




wound-responsive element


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