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Analysis of DNA methylation during the germination of wheat seeds

  • F. -R. Meng
  • Y. -C. LiEmail author
  • J. Yin
  • H. Liu
  • X. -J. Chen
  • Z. -F. Ni
  • Q. -X. Sun
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DNA methylation is known to play a crucial role in regulating plant development and organ or tissue differentiation. Here, we focused on the DNA methylation dynamics during the germination of wheat seeds using the adapted AFLP technique so called methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (MSAP). The MSAP profiles of genomic DNA in embryo and endosperm tissues of germinating seeds, as well as dry seeds were characterized and notable changes of cytosine methylation were detected. Comparisons of MSAP profiles in different tissues tested showed that the methylation level in dry seeds is the highest. The alteration analysis of cytosine methylation displayed that the number of demethylation events were three times higher than that of de novo methylation, which indicated that the demethylation was predominant in germinating wheat seeds, though the methylation events occurred as well. Sixteen differentially displayed DNA fragments in MSAP profiles were cloned and the sequencing analysis confirmed that nine of them contained CCGG sites. The further BLAST search showed that four of the cloned sequences were located in coding regions. Interestingly, three of the sixteen candidates were homologous to retrotransposons, which indicated that switches between DNA methylation and demethylation occurred in retrotransposon elements along with the germination of wheat seeds.

Additional key words

embryo endosperm cloning sequence analysis 



methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism


amplified fragment length polymorphism


polymerase chain reaction


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This research was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (30300195; 31071410).


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  • Y. -C. Li
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  • J. Yin
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  • H. Liu
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  • X. -J. Chen
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  • Z. -F. Ni
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  • Q. -X. Sun
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  1. 1.College of Life ScienceHenan Agricultural UniversityZhengzhouP.R. China
  2. 2.National Engineering Research Centre for WheatHenan Agricultural UniversityZhengzhouP.R. China
  3. 3.State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base of Crop Physiological Ecology and Genetic Improvement in Henan ProvinceHenan Agricultural UniversityZhengzhouP.R. China
  4. 4.Department of Plant Genetics and Breeding, State Key Lab for Agro-BiotechnologyChina Agricultural UniversityBeijingP.R. China

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