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2018 Outstanding Reviewers


On behalf of the Editor-in-Chief of our journal Biogeochemistry (BIOG), we thank the following reviewers for making an outstanding contribution in 2018 towards the success of our journal. BIOG relies on the commitment, expertise and critical contributions of the reviewers to continually maintain the high standards for publishing excellent work. We owe the people on this list a debt of gratitude for their hard work and support.

Rebecca Abney

Carol Adair

Rosana Aguilera

Silvia Alvarez-Clare

Clay Arango

Marcelo Ardón

Laurent Augusto

Colin Averill

Jose Avila

Doreen Babin

Scott Bailey

Dennis Baldocchi

Michael Bank

Guo-Xiang Bao

Josep Barba

Pedro Barbosa

Felix Barlocher

Rebecca Barnes

Marco Bartoli

David Bastviken

Jake Beaulieu

Rebecca Bellmore

Brian A. Bergamaschi

Martin Berggren

Carleton Bern

Susana Bernal

Marc Beutel

Joel Biederman

Gilles Billen

Erik Bjorn

Neal Blair

John Blair

Robert Blasko

Roland Bol

Stefano Bonaglia

Benjamin Bond-Lamberty

Werner Borken

Steven Bouillon

T. W. Boutton


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