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Inventoring the fungi of Panama

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Records of fungi in Panama scattered in literature are presented in a preliminary annotated checklist which is published in Panama. It includes 1807 species and subspecific taxa in 646 genera. The data allow to trace more than 100 years of history of mycology in Panama, presented here for the first time. The species richness is analyzed numerically with respect to the systematic position of the species and their ecology. Considering the numbers of records for different regions of Panama, a comparison with numbers of species published for some other neotropical countries, as well as recent experience collecting fungi in Panama, the incompleteness of the checklist is evident. Values of relative species richness of different systematic groups in Panama compared to values of the same groups as known worldwide, show that our knowledge is fragmentary in Panama especially for Agaricales, Uredinales, and some groups of microfungi. We are still in the pioneer phase of mycological investigation in Panama.


Pioneer phase of mycological investigation in Panama Records of Panamanian fungi Relative species richness Species richness of fungi 


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