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Littoral mollusc communities and water quality in southern Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada



Water quality and mollusc communities have been declining in Lake Winnipeg., the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world. Ninety sites were surveyed in the southern half of the lake. Nitrate and total dissolved solids were found to be significantly higher on the west side, while cadmium, copper and lead were higher on the east side. Agriculture, urban effluent, and recreational development were major factors directly affecting nearshore water quality. Human impacts were sporadically aggravated by Red River floodwaters entering the lake. A total of 26 gastropod were currently found in the lake, but 16 of them were found at 5 or fewer sites. Only 6 unionid species were found, compared to at least 11 historical species records. Species richness of both gastropods and unionids was positively correlated with total dissolved solids, and inversely with lead. Gastropod and unionid species richness were also mutually positively correlated. Catchment basin and shoreline management policies affecting Lake Winnipeg need to be reexamined to reduce further habitat decline.


Freshwater gastropods Lake Winnipeg Lead Nitrate Species richness Unionids 


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