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State of the art of eradicating island invasives…and much more

C. R. Veitch, M. N Clout, A. R. Martin, J. C. Russell, and C. J. West (eds): Island invasives: scaling up to meet the challenge. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, 2019, xiv + 734 pp, £40, paperback, ISBN: 978-2-8317-1962-7
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Following proceedings of two large IUCN conferences on island invasives held a decade apart in Auckland (Veitch and Clout 2002; Veitch et al. 2011), the proceedings of the third conference in the series, held in 2017 in Dundee, Scotland, is a behemoth, 752 pages compared to 414 and 542 pages for its predecessors. The volume consists of four chapters containing 34 papers on rodents, 36 papers on other taxa, 37 papers on strategy, and 71 abstracts, respectively. As in the earlier volumes, the emphasis is very much on islands, and especially on eradicating island invasives, but much of the material is relevant to mainland settings and to maintenance management in addition to total eradication. Although many papers primarily address how actually to do something about invasions (especially how to eradicate them), a few simply detail the presence plus suspected or documented impacts of invaders that have previously not been reported in easily accessed literature.

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