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Genotype Profiles of Loci Encoding DNA Repair Enzymes in Newborn and Elderly Populations: No Evidence of Association with Longevity

  • C. S. Wilding
  • G. S. Rees
  • C. L. Relton
  • E. J. Tawn
Research article


The comparison of genotype frequencies between neonates and elderly populations can aid in the identification of loci, and polymorphisms within those loci, that affect longevity. Here we have compared genotype frequencies of seven polymorphisms at four loci involved in DNA repair between a cohort of newborns (n = 290) and a retired population (average age at sampling 70.02 years; n = 430) who have suffered a lifetime of DNA damage from normal, metabolic processes, and on whom selection on DNA repair gene variants may be expected to have acted. No differences in genotype frequencies at the four SNP loci were seen, indicating that there is no evidence of association with longevity in this population. Significant differences in frequency of certain repeat sizes at three microsatellite loci were detected. However, since there is no known functional consequence of these repeat lengths, the action of selection cannot yet be ascribed.


ageing association study DNA repair polymorphism selection SNP 


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  • C. S. Wilding
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  • G. S. Rees
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  • C. L. Relton
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  • E. J. Tawn
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  1. 1.Genetics DepartmentWestlakes Research Institute, Westlakes Science and Technology ParkMoor RowUK
  2. 2.Paediatric and Lifecourse Epidemiology Research Group, School of Clinical Medical Sciences (Child Health), Sir James Spence Institute, Royal Victoria InfirmaryNewcastle UniversityNewcastle-upon-TyneUK

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