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Behavior Genetics Association 36th Annual Meeting Abstracts

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Variability in alcohol preference in Maudsley reactive inbred male rats

Nelson Adams1

1Winston-Salem State University. Grant Support: NIH-NIGMS-MBRS-08040, Social Sciences, 601 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27110 USA, e-mail

Maudsley Reactive (MR) inbred rats, selected for high defecation in an open field, relative to Maudsley Nonreactive (MNR) rats, have been compared for alcohol preference (AP) many times. Maudsley rats from the North American Harrington derivation (MR/Har) exhibit high AP under varying conditions [Adams N, Blizard DA (2002) Behav Genet 32:277–299]. Whereas MR/Har females often show high AP across conditions, and MNRA/Har rats exhibit uniformly low-moderate AP, MR/Har males’ AP ranges from avoidance of ethanol (E) to quite high AP across experimental conditions. One experimental variation that markedly alters MR males’ AP is prior exposure to E. One day or multiple days of exposure to 10% E as the sole source of fluid results in more...


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