How to model rockburst seismic loads for civil engineering purposes?

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Usually rockbursts from underground mining induce minor quakes of MM intensity up to V. Sometimes however the surface tremors reach level of MM epicentral intensity I0 = VI to VIII. Since a fast industrial development often takes place in the mining areas then some seismic design rules for new buildings are needed. The main obstacle is then lack of respective design response spectrum and an unclear definition of the level of design acceleration to apply. Particularly the latter one is difficult to overcome because the rockburst ground motion records differ from natural earthquakes when it comes to their spectral properties as well as return periods. This paper presents a method how to rationally define the design acceleration so that a seismic code, e,g, Eurocode 8, can be applied in practical design procedures in the mining areas.


Mine tremors Rockbursts Ground motion Response spectra Seismic codes 

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