System of Markers Based on the Methylation of a Group of Proapoptotic Genes in Combination with MicroRNA in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

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Systems of markers for the diagnosis of breast cancer based on DNA methylation of a group of suppressor protein-coding genes, hypermethylated microRNA genes, and their combinations were compiled. On a representative sample of 70 paired breast cancer specimens (tumor/normal), MS-PCR analysis revealed a significant increase in the methylation frequency of 5 protein-coding genes: RASSF1A suppressor and apoptosis genes APAF1, BAX, BIM/BCL2L11, and DAPK1 (34-61% vs. 4-24%) and 6 microRNA genes: MIRG124G1, MIRG125bG1, MIRG129G2, MIRG148a, MIRG34b/c, and MIRG9G3 (36-76% vs. 6-27%). ROC-analysis showed that a combination of 4 genes (APAF1, BAX, BIM/BCL2L11, and DAPK1) and MIRG125bG1 gene constitute a highly efficient 5-marker system with 100% specificity and sensitivity of 94-96% at AUC=0.98-0.97, suitable also for patients with stage I and II breast cancer. Detection of methylation of at least one gene in this system in biopsy or postoperative material is sufficient to refer the sample to breast cancer.

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Correspondence to E. A. Braga.

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Translated from Byulleten’ Eksperimental’noi Biologii i Meditsiny, Vol. 168, No. 9, pp. 338-342, September, 2019

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Braga, E.A., Burdennyy, A.M., Pronina, I.V. et al. System of Markers Based on the Methylation of a Group of Proapoptotic Genes in Combination with MicroRNA in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Bull Exp Biol Med 168, 366–370 (2020).

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Key Words

  • proapoptotic genes
  • microRNAs
  • methylation
  • breast cancer
  • diagnostic marker systems