Distribution of bemitil in organs and tissues of rats after single or repeated administration

  • S. A. Sergeeva
  • I. L. Gulyaeva


After single and repeated peroral administration of bemitil to rats this drug was found in the liver, brain, kidneys, spleen, heart, skeletal muscles, lungs, adipose tissue, and testicles. After single treatment accumulation of bemitil was most pronounced in the liver. After repeated treatment the decrease in bemitil concentration in the liver was probably associated with increased elimination of the drug from liver tissue due to intensification of its biotransformation. We conclude that bemitil can accumulate in the blood, but not in tissues.

Key Words

bemitil ethylthiobenzimidazole hydrobromide pharmacokinetics distribution 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.All Russia Research Center on Safety of Biologically Active SubstancesStaraya KupavnaMoscow region

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