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Francesco Orilia: Singular Reference: A Descriptivist Approach

Springer, Dordrecht, 2010, XIII-292 pp
  • Aldo FrigerioEmail author
Book Review

Since the publication of Saul Kripke’s, David Kaplan’s and Keith Donnellan’s papers at the beginning of the Seventies, the topic of the meaning of singular reference devices has been uninterruptedly discussed. In particular, Descriptivism and Direct Reference Theory have faced off against each other in this field.

The direct reference framework, which is largely the majority today, has been defended in a number of papers and books. A book-sized coherent defense of Descriptivism was until now lacking. This book by Francesco Orilia makes up for this lack by surveying almost all of the data that have been put forward in favor of Descriptivism and Direct Reference Theories and by trying to show that his particular version of Descriptivism can account for all of these data better than the Direct Reference Theories proposed up to now. This is a powerful and well-constructed defense of Descriptivism, which covers a large number of phenomena.

In the first two chapters, Orilia sets forth the...

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