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Robert Rosen’s Work and Complex Systems Biology

  • I.  C. Baianu


Complex Systems Biology approaches are here considered from the viewpoint of Robert Rosen’s (M,R)-systems, Relational Biology and Quantum theory, as well as from the standpoint of computer modeling. Realizability and Entailment of (M,R)-systems are two key aspects that relate the abstract, mathematical world of organizational structure introduced by Rosen to the various physicochemical structures of complex biological systems. Their importance for understanding biological function and life itself, as well as for designing new strategies for treating diseases such as cancers, is pointed out. The roles played by multiple metastable states in the “continuous uphill flow of Life” supported through internal bioenergetic processes that are coupled to essential inflows are also discussed in relation to dynamic realizations of (M,R)-systems. Furthermore, the roles played by the underlying, many-valued, quantum logics and symbolic computations for ultra-complex biological systems are also briefly discussed.


Categories classical logic paradoxes of replication entailment in (M,R)-systems complex versus simple systems Complex Systems Biology and the underlying Quantum Logics generalized (M,R)-systems Multiple metastable states and “Chaotic” trajectories coupled to Bioenergetic processes and the Anticipatory Organization of Information Flows that are supporting Life N-valued logics and higher dimensional algebra in Complex Systems Biology Quantum Automata and Relational Biology Quantum computers and symbolic computation versus numerical simulations of ultra-complex systems realization and entailment problem for (M,R)-systems) Thermodynamic linkage of metastable states to essential Bioenergetic processes 


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