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Possibility of Fast-Reactor Exportation Under an International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime

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The exportation of fast reactors under an international nuclear weapons non-proliferation regime is discussed. Russian sodium fast-reactor technology has been successfully demonstrated and is in the commercialization stage. Fast reactors with lead as coolant are being developed in Project Breakthrough. In this connection, the possibility of exporting fast reactors becomes logical. The main criterion for such exports is competitiveness of the electricity produced taking the possibility of offering other, additional services into account. Other criteria that undoubtedly will influence the decisions made about exports are elements associated with the need for strict adherence to the international nuclear weapons non-proliferation regime. The basis of this regime is the nuclear weapons non-proliferation treaty. The IAEA system of safeguards plays a key role as a control element in verifying the obligations of non-nuclear states in the sphere of nuclear non-proliferation.

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Correspondence to A. N. Chebeskov.

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Translated from Atomnaya Énergiya, Vol. 127, No. 3, pp. 171–175, September, 2019.

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