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Industrial Trials of a Modernized Separation Part of Moisture Separators-Reheaters at the Leningrad and Smolensk NPP

  • M. Yu. EgorovEmail author

The purpose of this work is to compare industrial trials of modernized intermediate SPP-500-1 moisture separators-heaters of the K-500-65/3000 turbines in the No. 4 unit of the Leningrad NPP and the No. 1 unit of the Smolensk NPP. It was found that the distribution of the separated moisture along the perimeter and height of the steam space at the egress from the separation units is uniform in both NPP. A very small increase of the moisture concentration at the wall was obtained in individual apparatus at the Smolensk (No. 24) and Leningrad (No. 72) NPP. The flow rate of the separated material and the condensate of the warming steam, as measured on the Nos. 1 and 2 turbines of the Smolensk NPP, is close to that obtained on the Nos. 7 and 8 turbines of the Leningrad NPP. In the course of the industrial trials, it was shown experimentally that the moisture and flow rate are the same. This confirms the reliability of the results, which after modernization are close to the design-basis level.


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