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Neutronics Model of the IVG.1M Reactor: Development and Critical-State Verification

The results of the verification of a model of the IVG.1M reactor based on experiments performed in 1990 and 2017 are reported. Startups of the reactor which are associated with its emergence into a critical state and measured values of the power, neutron flux density, and efficiency of the CPS [control and protection system] components were chosen for verification The isotopic composition of the fuel and the beryllium blocks formed by the time the first water-cooled process channels with high-enrichment fuel were extracted from the reactor (2017), was calculated. It was established on the basis of the verification results that the measured parameters agree well with the calculations. Currently, the model of the IVG.1M reactor is used for evaluating the post-conversion characteristics of the reactor as well as the parameters of planned experiments.

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Correspondence to R. A. Irkimbekov.

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Translated from Atomnaya Énergiya, Vol. 127, No. 8, pp. 63–69, August, 2019.

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Irkimbekov, R.A., Zhagiparova, L.K., Kotov, V.M. et al. Neutronics Model of the IVG.1M Reactor: Development and Critical-State Verification. At Energy 127, 69–76 (2019).

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