Traversable wormholes in \(f(R,T)\) gravity

  • Ambuj Kumar Mishra
  • Umesh Kumar SharmaEmail author
  • Vipin Chandra Dubey
  • Anirudh Pradhan
Original Article


In the present article, models of traversable wormholes within the \(f(R, T)\) modified gravity theory, where \(R\) is the Ricci scalar and \(T\) is the trace of the energy-momentum tensor, are investigated. We have presented some wormhole models, which are formulated from various hypothesis for their matter content, i.e. various relations for their lateral and radial pressure components. The solutions found for the shape functions of the wormholes produced complies with the required metric conditions. The validity of solution is examined by exploring null, strong and dominant energy conditions. It is concluded that the normal matter in the throat may pursue the energy conditions, and it is the higher-order curvature terms, termed as the gravitational field, that supports the non-standard geometries of wormholes in the context of modified gravity.


Traversable wormholes \(f(R,T)\) gravity Energy conditions Shape functions 



The authors are thankful to GLA University, Mathura, India for providing support and facility to carry out this research work. The authors are grateful to Ayan Banerjee, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, for fruitful discussion and suggestions during his visit to GLA University. We would like to thank the learned reviewer(s) for his elaborate and valuable comments and suggestions/changes those help us to improve this paper significantly in the present form.


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