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Seismic response in large-aperture, fully-steerable antenna structure

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The aseismic properties of an initial 65-m radio telescope structure in Shanghai with fortification intensity of VII are analyzed under “frequent” and “rare” earthquake conditions via time-history method. Mechanical responsive targets which are crucial to the structure during an earthquake are given in static unitized load mode. Structural weakness (e.g., plastic deformation in certain bars) is observed during the frequent-type earthquake under static unitized load mode. During a rare-type earthquake, artificial ground motion produces the most severe impact on the structure. Regardless of pitching angle model, the antenna structure does not break down during any rare earthquake. After some modifications to the initial design and using the most disadvantageous model (\(5^{\circ}\) pitching angle), all targets of all bars meet the necessary specifications for frequent-type earthquake resistance when aseismic fortification intensity is VIII.


Antenna structure Frequent earthquake Time-history Aseismic fortification intensity 


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