First detection at 5.5 and 9 GHz of the radio relics in bullet cluster with ATCA

  • Siddharth MaluEmail author
  • Abhirup Datta
  • Pritpal Sandhu
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We present here results from observations at 5.5 and 9 GHz of the Bullet cluster 1E 0657–55.8 with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). Our results show detection of diffuse emission in the cluster. Our findings are consistent with the previous observations by Shimwell et al. (2014, 2015) at 1.1–3.1 GHz. Morphology of diffuse structures (relic regions A and B and the radio halo) are consistent with those reported by the previous study. Our results indicate steepening in the spectral index at higher frequencies (\(\gtrsim5.0~\mbox{GHz}\)) for region A. The spectrum can be fit well by a broken power law. We discuss the possibility of a few recent theoretical models explaining this break in the power law spectrum, and find that a modified Diffusive Shock Acceleration (DSA) model or a turbulent reacceleration model may be relevant. Deep radio observations at high frequencies (\(\gtrsim5~\mbox{GHz}\)) are required for a detailed comparison with this model.


Cosmic microwave background Galaxies: clusters: individual (1E 0657–56, RX J0658–5557) Intergalactic medium Radio continuum: general Techniques: interferometric 



The Australia Telescope Compact Array is part of the Australia Telescope which is funded by the Commonwealth of Australia for operation as a National Facility managed by CSIRO. SM is grateful to Maxim Voronkov, James Urquhart and the research staff at ATCA/ATNF for guidance and help with understanding the CABB system. We thank Mark Wieringa, Ravi Subrahmanyan and D. Narasimha for useful discussions. Analysis was made possible by a generous grant for Astronomy by IIT Indore. We thank the anonymous referee for their comments.


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