Imposing Neumann boundary condition on cosmological perturbation equations and trajectories of particles

  • Hossein Shenavar
Original Article


We impose Neumann boundary condition to solve cosmological perturbation equations and we derive a modified Friedmann equation and a new lensing equation. To check the new lensing equation and the value of Neumann constant, a sample that contains ten strong lensing systems is surveyed. Except for one lens, masses of the other lenses are found to be within the constrains of the observational data. Furthermore, we argue that by using the concept of geometrodynamic clocks it is possible to modify the equation of motion of massive particles too. Also, a sample that includes 101 HSB and LSB galaxies is used to re-estimate the value of the Neumann constant and we found that this value is consistent with the prior evaluation from Friedmann and lensing equations. Finally, the growth of structure is studied by a Newtonian approach which resulted in a more rapid rate of the structure formation in matter dominated era.


Cosmological perturbation Neumann BC Lensing equation Measuring space-time Marzke-Wheeler clocks 



I would like to thank the authors Mu-Chen Chiu, Chung-Ming Ko, Yong Tian, HongSheng Zhao, David J. Bacon, Andy N. Taylor, Keith Horne, J.R. Brownstein and J.W. Moffat for providing their data freely. Also, I thank Mahmood Roshan and Koroush Javidan for very useful discussions. I acknowledge the anonymous reviewer whose comments helped to improve and clarify this manuscript. The section on the growth of structures is added due to reviewer’s suggestion. This research has made use of NASA’s Astrophysics Data System.


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