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, Volume 330, Issue 1, pp 107–114 | Cite as

Geodesics and geodesic deviation in static charged black holes

  • Ragab M. Gad
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The radial motion along null geodesics in static charged black hole space–times, in particular, the Reissner–Nordström and stringy charged black holes, are studied. We analyzed the properties of the effective potential. The circular photon orbits in these space–times are investigated. We found that the radius of circular photon orbits in both charged black holes are different and differ from that given in Schwarzschild space–time. We studied the physical effects of the gravitational field between two test particles in stringy charged black hole and compared the results with that given in Schwarzschild and Reissner–Nordström black holes.


Geodesics and geodesic deviation Circular photon orbits Static charged black hole 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Mathematics Department, Faculty of ScienceMinia UniversityEl-MiniaEgypt

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