Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 312, Issue 3–4, pp 275–278

The Pioneer anomaly and a Machian universe



We discuss astronomical and astrophysical evidence, which we relate to the principle of zero-total energy of the Universe, that imply several relations among the mass M, the radius R and the angular momentum L of a “large” sphere representing a Machian Universe. By calculating the angular speed, we find a peculiar centripetal acceleration for the Universe. This is an ubiquituous property that relates one observer to any observable. It turns out that this is exactly the anomalous acceleration observed on the Pioneers spaceships. We have thus shown that this anomaly is to be considered a property of the Machian Universe. We discuss several possible arguments against our proposal.


Cosmology Einstein Machian Universe Brans-Dicke Pioneer anomaly Blackett law Wesson’s law 


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