Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 311, Issue 1–3, pp 25–34

Jets and molecular outflows from Herbig-Haro objects

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We review status of theoretical development for jets and molecular outflows from young stellar objects. A particular framework for explaining these phenomena is one based on the X-wind theory in an environment of magnetized collapsing molecular cloud cores. The magnetized gravitational collapse follows the standard picture of isolated low-mass star formation, from quasi-static evolution of the parent molecular cloud cores. The outflow phenomena operate throughout the early evolution of young stars as a result of star-disk interaction. We discuss emission mechanisms of jets and formation of molecular outflows in this general framework. The general theoretical framework provides room for self-consistent interpretations for recent observations. Jets and outflows are integral part of earliest evolution of young stellar objects.


Herbig-Haro objects Optical jets Molecular outflows Molecular jets X-winds 


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