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Science Has Always Been Ideological, You Just Don’t See It

  • Florence AshleyEmail author
Letter to the Editor

I have followed the controversy surrounding Kevin Hsu’s presentation at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) conference, in relation to an earlier paper (Hsu, Rosenthal, Miller, & Bailey, 2016), from its very beginning. I was the person who shared pictures of his slides on erotic target identity inversions on social media. In the slides, he repeated the hypothesis of autogynephilia, compared it with apotemnophilia, autopedophilia, and autoanthropomorphozoophilia, and described it as manifesting on a spectrum from cross-dressing to genital reassignment surgery. I later read Bailey’s (2019) widely shared screed and, more recently, Rind’s (2019) Letter to the Editor supporting Bailey’s Guest Editorial.

Rind’s (2019) argument posits an increasing opposition between science, which purports to be neutral, and advocacy, which is ideologically motivated. For him, as for Bailey, sex research is being ruined because ideological motivations are increasingly casting certain...



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