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Right Answers

  • Mauro Cabral Grinspan
Commentary on Winter et al. (2016)

According to Winter, De Cuypere, Green, Kane, and Knudson (2016), 47.7% of the participants in the WPATH survey responded “yes” to the question “Do you think a disease diagnosis Gender Incongruence of Childhood (GIC) should be included in ICD-11?” Answers supporting GIC endorsed arguments maintaining that the diagnosis would provide “access to care,” “protected status,” “facilitate reimbursement,” and “facilitate training and research.” Answers against GIC (51.0%) referred to arguments focused on the pathologizing, stigmatizing, and discriminatory effects of the proposed diagnosis, as well as its “limited utility” and “limited validity.”

Key arguments opposing GIC are frequently and correctly identified as human rights arguments, because they are focused on those human rights violations produced by pathologization—including violence, stigma, and discrimination (Cabral, Suess, Ehrt, Seehole, & Wong, 2016). However, in the context of this Commentary but also in the broader context of...


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