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Cosmetic Clitoridectomy in a 33-Year-Old Woman: Reply to Friedman (2011) and Levine (2011)

  • David VealeEmail author
Clinical Case Report Series

I should like to thank Friedman (2011) and Levine (2011) for their commentaries and for stimulating such debate regarding our case report (Veale & Daniels, 2011). I may be able to provide a few of the answers to the questions posed.

Let us look first at the context. I was being asked to give an opinion to the surgeon on whether it was wise to proceed with surgery. My general view is that a psychodynamic formulation would be an explanatory fiction and would not assist in the decision-making. I believe most people without any relevant psychopathology would be unable, for example, to reflect easily on when and how they became aware of their gender identity or role formation, on sex differences in peer relationships or play behavior, or to recall how they reacted when they first saw pubic hair or someone else’s genitalia.

I assessed the patient to have had normal attachment behavior during childhood and that the parents were affectionate. We were able to exclude emotional, sexual or...


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