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Adult Baby Syndrome and Gender Identity Disorder

  • Kristina KiseEmail author
  • Mathew Nguyen
Letter to the Editor

Adult Baby Syndrome (ABS) has been reported now by several authors. Pate and Gabbard (2003) associated it with paraphilia and Croarkin, Nam, and Waldrep (2004) connected it to Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Evcimen and Gratz (2006) described a case that was associated with neither paraphilia nor OCD. We present a case of ABS in a patient in which there did not seem to be a connection to either paraphilia or OCD, but, interestingly, the case was further complicated by gender identity issues.

Mr. B is a 38-year-old biological male who prefers to be identified as a female; therefore, Mr. B will further be referred to as Ms. B. She currently lives in a nursing home. She was first placed in a nursing home per her request after she was hospitalized with chest pain 2 years prior. She was referred for psychiatric treatment by her nursing home physician for evaluation of “delusions.” Ms. B stated that she was born with both female and male reproductive organs, specifically, uterus,...


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