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Sexual Preference for 14-Year-Olds as a Mental Disorder: You Can’t Be Serious!!

  • Richard GreenEmail author
Letter to the Editor

This letter addresses two papers by the DSM-V Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Workgroup member Ray Blanchard published in this Journal (Blanchard, 2009; Blanchard et al., 2009).

Having been active in the 1970s struggle to remove homosexuality from the DSM (Green, 1972), a success that cured millions of their mental disorder, I am appalled that the ranks of the disordered may swell, once more in consequence of sexual orientation.

As a psychiatry professor and graduate of Yale Law School, I hope I understand the domain of both disciplines. The DSM proposal trespasses their boundary.

Concern is expressed that “the current definition of pedophilia is excluding from specific diagnosis a considerable proportion of men who have a persistent preference for humans at an incomplete stage of physical development” (Blanchard et al., 2009). Whence the 11th commandment, Thou shalt not have sex with those not fully mature? The Commandment could have been carved: Thou shalt not have sex with...


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