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Reply to Hinderliter (2009)

  • Lori A. BrottoEmail author
  • Morag A. Yule
Letter to the Editor

Hinderliter’s (2009) Letter-to-the-Editor, entitled “Methodological Issues for Studying Asexuality,” was a thought-provoking and interesting critical exploration into measuring asexuality for research. Hinderliter is a member of the Asexuality, Visibility, and Education Network (AVEN) project team and AVEN is the largest international online community for asexuals. He is also a member of the AVEN DSM Task Force (a working group of asexuals aimed at contributing to the discussions of the DSM-V Subworkgroup on Sexual Dysfunctions), a frequent blogger on the topic of asexuality and sexual dysfunction (see, and an asexual himself. He is clearly well informed of the available literature on asexuality—historical and more recent—and explored the potential methodological difficulties in conducting research on asexuality as well as proposed hypotheses for future study.

One of the key issues Hinderliter raises is...


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