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Dreger’s Adventures

  • Antonia CarettoEmail author

Dreger’s essay is a thorough review of one current manifestation of what has been the quintessential question within the field of sexology for nearly 150 years: What is the nature of the relationship among sex, gender identity, gender role, and sexual orientation? I agree wholeheartedly with Dreger’s premise that “a scholarly history of this controversy is critically necessary to advancing both transgender rights and sexology.” However, though Dreger shows the historical significance of the speed and far reach of the internet and how it contributed heavily to the controversy, she neglects to examine the controversy within a larger historical context of the evolution of our discourse on the quintessential question and our present day conceptualizations of transsexualism. An overview of this larger historical context may show both ways in which we have seemingly come full circle, rediscovering the germ of truth in theories put forth by both Bailey and Conway, and ways in which we are...


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