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Lust or Identity?

  • John BancroftEmail author

Dreger has written a detailed and exhaustive account of the reactions to Bailey’s book. She also debates closely the arguments for and against Bailey’s position and the criticisms leveled against him. The resulting campaign against Bailey, as she describes it, is disturbing. One lesson we should all have learned from this is that we live in an Internet world where such reactions are a distinct possibility. I was naïve to think that I could make a remark about this book at an International Academy of Sex Research meeting which would stay within the academic community; a lesson for all of us. But contrary to what Dreger was quoted as saying in the New York Times (Carey, 2007), I do not feel that this needs to have a major negative impact on scientific discourse; it might even improve it.

Looking back at my own writing on various aspects of sexuality, I have become aware that, in the past, I have used words or concepts that I would not use today because they are insensitive or potentially...


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