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No Such Thing as Excessive Levels of Sexual Behavior

  • James GilesEmail author
Letter to the Editor

A study of sexuality whose conclusions support conservative moral or religious values is one that should be subjected to scrutiny. For the history of writings on sexuality is swarming with moral and religious influences that have little to do with scientific data. The recent article by Långström and Hanson (2006), entitled “High Rates of Sexual Behavior in the General Population: Correlates and Predictors,” is such a study. Although the title implies that the article will simply be dealing with “high rates” of sexual behavior, and merely be giving “correlates and predictors” of this behavior, the claims made in the article are much more than this. For we are told that it is possible to identify a level of sexual activity that could be considered “excessive.” We are even told that this level of excessive sexual activity constitutes a “distinct disorder (hypersexuality)” (p. 38).

Such claims are strangely reminiscent of those made by the medieval Christian thinker Augustine (1997) (and...


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