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Adult Baby Syndrome

  • Harun EvcimenEmail author
  • Silvia Gratz
Letter to the Editor

Adult Baby Syndrome is a recently described symptom cluster, which has not yet become part of any official psychiatric classification system. There have been only a few case reports in the literature, which presented either as a paraphilia or an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) (Croarkin, Nam, & Waldrep, 2004; Dinello, 1967; Malitz, 1966; Pate & Gabbard, 2003; Tuchman & Lachman, 1964). These patients shared the common symptoms of wearing diapers, drinking milk out of a bottle, eating baby food, and wanting to become a baby.

Mr. A was a 57-year-old, Hispanic male, married with three children, who presented for psychiatric emergency evaluation complaining of hearing the voice of a female which called out his name and commanding him to kill himself. He was also seeing “ghosts,” which he further described as a female dressed in white. He stated that he was “miserable and lonely” and had suicidal ideation with no specific plan. While Mr. A stated that he had been hearing voices,...


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