Artificial Intelligence and Law

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  • Rossella Rubino
  • Giovanni Sartor

Agents and AI & Law

In the last years there has been a significant and increasing convergence between research on multiagent systems and research on AI & Law. Not only results originated in one research community have been used by the other, but a number of researchers have been actively involved in both communities, contributing to an increasing cross-fertilisation. We believe that this trend is not taking place by mere chance; on the contrary it is rooted in the complementary nature of the two disciplines, and in the increasing significance or issues pertaining to their intersection (contracts between agents, the emergence of norms out of agents’ interactions, the establishment and enforcement of norms in agents’ societies).

Research on multiagent systems requires the contribution of AI & Law when it addresses the issue of the coordination of autonomous agents. If such agents are really autonomous—namely if each one of them is trying to achieve “his own interest his own way” (Smith 1997...


Multiagent System Normative System Legal Theory Legal Norm Digital Environment 
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  2. 2.European University InstituteFlorenceItaly

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