Steve Oswald, Thierry Herman and Jérôme Jacquin (eds.): Argumentation and Language-Linguistic, Cognitive and Discursive Explorations

Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Cham, 2018, Volume 32 of the Argumentation Library, viii + 299 pp, $67.28, ISBN: 1566-7650
  • Xinhua YuanEmail author
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While the linguistic dimension of argumentation is not a new topic and often considered as playing a crucial role in the nature, shaping and outcome of argumentative practices, there is a dearth of research devoted to a comprehensive exploration of the various connections between argumentation and language, with perhaps the exception of Doury’s strongly linguistically-oriented textbook Argumentation: analyser textes et discours (2016). The present volume, contributed by seventeen prominent scholars in the fields of philosophy, linguistics, and literature, is the first book-length study exclusively dedicated to the various ways argumentation and language are related. The collective volume comprises an introductory chapter and another 11 contributions presented during the inaugural edition of the Argumentation and Languageconference series held at the University of Lausanne in September 2015. The contributions are not intended to be exhaustive but rather, as the title suggests, focus...



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