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Christian Plantin: Dictionnaire de l’Argumentation. Une Introduction aux Études d’Argumentation

ENS Éditions, Lyon, 2016
  • Assimakis Tseronis
Book review

At long last we have it: the dictionary of argumentation compiled by Christian Plantin, emeritus director of research at the laboratory Interactions, Corpus, Apprentissages, Représentations (ICAR) of the CNRS in Lyon. While the field of rhetoric counts at least two encyclopedic dictionaries in English (Enos 1996; Sloane 2001) as well as a number of technical dictionaries,1 argumentation studies does not yet have any such reference work in English. In 2001 Krzysztof Szymanek’s terminological dictionary of argumentation (the first of its kind?) with 683 terms from logic, rhetoric, linguistics and psychology appeared in Polish, and in 2011 the compendium of logic, argumentation and rhetoric with 176 entries compiled by 59 contributors appeared in Spanish, under the editorial supervision of Luis Vega Reñon and Paula Olmos Gómez. Now is the turn of the French-speaking world of argumentation to boast their first dictionary.

Plantin’s dictionary comprises 248 main entries of varying length...


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